Booking Conditions & Cancellation Policy

Booking Conditions & Cancellation Policy

1. Booking
You can book online by following the instructions on our website
Alternatively, you can send an availability request by e-mail and wait for our answer. Following the request you will receive an offer (non-binding and valid for the next 24 hours).
In order to confirm the offer, it is necessary to provide a credit card number, with expiry date, on which a transaction equal to 30% of the total amount will be made to guarantee your stay. Alternatively, it is possible to make a bank transfer in the amount of 30% of the total stay.

2. Payment
General Terms and Conditions

In the case of a booking with free cancellation, which is guaranteed by a deposit, the balance of the booking will be paid on departure, in cash or by credit card.
On the other hand, the current tourist tax is to be paid exclusively in cash.
In the case of non-refundable bookings, for which cancellation is not permitted, payment must be made at the time of booking by debiting the credit card provided or, alternatively, by bank transfer.
For payment by bank transfer we indicate the details below:
Fiorentini Residence srl
Unicredit Spa
IBAN: IT84T0200803443000105556131

3. Tourist Tax
The Tourist Tax was established in the City of Naples by Resolution of the City Council n.20 of 21 June 2012, and came into force on 1 July 2012.
By Resolution of the City Council No. 13 of 29/03/2019, the current Regulation on the Tourist Tax was approved. By Resolution of the City Council no. 128 of 28 March 2019, the new rates were approved, which will be applied from 1 July 2019 and are payable by the person liable for the tax, who is anyone staying overnight in accommodation facilities located in the territory of the Municipality of Naples.
The tax of Euro 2.50 is due per person and per overnight stay, up to a maximum of 14 consecutive days.
Minors under fourteen years of age are exempt from paying the tourist tax;

4. Cancellation Policy (individual bookings)
All booking cancellations must be communicated in writing. Cancellations received after 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. shall be considered as received the following day.
Cancellations or changes communicated up to 30 days before the scheduled arrival date do not incur any penalty.
It will be care of Fiorentini Residence S.r.l. not to charge any cost on your credit card or to refund the total amount paid as deposit, after deducting bank charges.
Cancellations or changes communicated within 20 days before the expected arrival date will incur a penalty equal to 50% of the deposit paid.
Fiorentini Residence S.r.l. will refund the remainder of the deposit paid, after deducting bank charges.
There is no refund for cancellations without notice or without communication (no show) or in case of cancellation occurring from the day before the day scheduled for the start of the stay; the total amount of the deposit paid will be charged to the credit card, if provided, and any bank transfer paid will be retained.
This cancellation policy is not valid for the non-refundable rate (in this case the booking amount will be charged at the time of booking and will not be refunded in case of cancellation).
No refund is due to the guest who decides to interrupt the stay already started and is therefore obliged to pay for the entire stay booked.

5. NoShow (no-show)
In the event of a no-show, the deposit will be retained or the credit card given as guarantee will be charged for the first night’s stay.

6. Smoking ban
Smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas inside the hotel and in the rooms (art. 51 law no. 3 of 16/01/03 DCPM 23/12/03). The hotel does not have any smoking rooms, therefore, failure to comply with the law will result in offenders being charged an administrative fine. The ban is prescribed to guarantee the Safety and Health of those staying at the Hotel and the staff working there.

Conditions and Apartment Cancellation Policy
1. Rent
Bookings are made by FIORENTINI RESIDENCE SRL as owner of the facilities at the prices indicated in the price list on the website. These prices are based on market conditions applicable at the time.
FIORENTINI RESIDENCE SRL reserves, in any case, the right to change the prices.

2. How to book
You can book online by following the instructions available on our website Alternatively you can send an availability request by email and wait for our reply. Following the request you will receive an offer (non-binding and valid for the next 24 hours).

3. Payments
A deposit of 50% is required upon confirmation of the booking.
The reservation is only finalised upon receipt of the deposit. The balance of the reservation is required 3 days prior to arrival. For reservation requests received within 7 days of arrival, payment of the balance is required at the time of reservation.

4. Arrivals and departures
Access to the property is guaranteed between 14:00 and 18:00 on the day of arrival. In the event that you plan to arrive after this time, it is necessary to give sufficient notice in advance. For arrivals booked after 8 p.m., an extra charge of €15.00 will be applied, to be paid directly at check-in. On the day of departure, the property must be vacated by 10 a.m. Any change in arrival and departure dates must be communicated to and approved by FIORENTINI RESIDENCE SRL. In case of unavoidable delay on the day of arrival, the traveller must contact by phone FIORENTINI RESIDENCE SRL or the owner of the property between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. The owner, his representatives cannot be held responsible in case the traveller arrives at the property after 8 p.m. without having previously communicated the arrival time and is not able to access the property.

5. On arrival
On arrival the traveller must show identification to the owner or his representative so that they can proceed with registration.

6. Deposit
On handing over the keys, the client must give the owner a security deposit, in cash, of an amount established at the time of booking. The deposit will be returned by the owner at the end of the holiday, less any deductions for damage caused and any additional costs not included in the price paid. The owner or his representatives may refuse access to the property if the deposit is not deposited. In the event that the client decides to leave prematurely, the owner or his representatives are authorised to return the deposit to the client (less any deductions) after checking the condition of the property.

7. Number of persons/substitution
Only travellers in possession of a reservation are permitted access to the property. The number of persons (adults and children) may not exceed the number of beds indicated in the property description, with the exception of infants (under two years of age) for whom the traveller has a cot and the necessary linen available. The accommodation description may provide for exceptions. Any substitution during the period of stay is prohibited without prior approval.

8. Cleanliness and good maintenance
The accommodation will be handed over clean and in good condition. The traveller must ensure the cleanliness of the kitchen and the house, the disposal of rubbish in the manner prescribed by local regulations and the good maintenance of the house during the stay. Failure to comply with these obligations may result in the owner or his representatives charging additional costs. Given the situation regarding energy distribution and the regulations in force, the use of heating (in the case of autonomous heating) may be prohibited at certain times of the year. The cost of final cleaning, linen and utilities to be paid locally is established at the time of booking.

9. Internal and external maintenance
The owner or his representatives have, if necessary, free access to the property for its maintenance.

10. Penalties for cancellations
In case of cancellation of booking the following penalties will have to be paid: 30% deposit if the cancellation occurs more than 60 days before the date of arrival; from the day of payment of the balance to 43 days before arrival FIORENTINI RESIDENCE SRL will retain 50% of the total. From the 42nd day to the 16th day before arrival, FIORENTINI RESIDENCE SRL will retain 80% of the total. Nothing will be returned in case of cancellation from the 15th day to the day of arrival.

11. Responsibility
The descriptions of the facilities are as accurate as possible and written in good faith. In the event of any problems, the traveller will endeavour to solve or minimise them in order to avoid any prejudice. Should this prove impossible for the traveller, he/she shall contact the owner on the day the problem is encountered. In any case, the complaint must be made in writing within 24 hours of the problem being encountered. The traveller undertakes to allow the owner the time necessary to resolve the problem. Anyone who leaves the accommodation prematurely without explicit authorisation and without having given written notice as mentioned above will forfeit any right to any refund of the stay. No complaints made after leaving the property will be considered, nor will refunds be made. If for any reason beyond the control of FIORENTINI RESIDENCE SRL, including force majeure, FIORENTINI RESIDENCE SRL will not be able to provide the traveller with the house he has booked.

12. Facilities
It is known to the parties that the facilities offered by FIORENTINI RESIDENCE SRL are not tourist facilities such as hotels, residences, etc, but private houses. Therefore, they do not have internationally recognised standards or categories; they reflect, in their architecture and furnishings, the local traditions and personal taste of the owner. This is precisely the kind of holiday that FIORENTINI RESIDENCE SRL offers: to enter into the local culture and live for a few weeks like a local inhabitant. Based on our experience, it is important to accept with the right spirit and to appreciate the differences from other places. FIORENTINI RESIDENCE SRL cannot exclude, in any case, the possibility that these differences are somehow inconvenient. Like all private houses, wherever in the world, the houses offered are located in areas where everyday life takes place normally. Consequently, any reimbursement for inconveniences resulting from activities beyond the owner’s control such as public or private construction work, road closures, street parties, fireworks, outdoor performances or similar events is excluded.

13. Jurisdiction
In the event of disputes concerning the booking and rental the Court of Naples is competent. Booking implies that the general conditions have been understood and accepted without reservation and without exception. The invalidity of one of the clauses does not imply the invalidity of the entire contract.

14. Other information
The cost of cleaning, the amount of which is stated in the property description, is to be paid directly on site at the time of departure.